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Why Photography?

The Benefits of Stunning Photography

By utilizing UAVs equipped with a HI-DEF camera, I am able to capture photographs from unique vantage points. I frequently take pictures of resorts, golf courses, real-estate properties, construction or contracts, wineries and anything you can imagine. I can integrate photographs into websites, create ads that contain pictures and customize photos of all types. My company currently offers Aerial Photography services in a wide variety of cities, and some of these include Rohnert Park, San Rafael, Santa Rosa, Novato, Mill Valley, Tiburon, and Petaluma.

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Oblique Pictures

These photographs are taken from an angle, and the pictures will typically contain a landscape. I commonly capture oblique photographs while the sun is rising or setting. The best time to film or take photographs is morning or dusk.

Vertical Pictures

When taking this type of photo, the Quadcopter will be positioned directly above the objects. This strategy allows an expert to photograph a particularly large area, and vertical pictures are typically used in photogrammetry.

Editing the Images

I film using 4K which enables me to grab sections of the still images to create amazing panoramas. Furthermore, I have the ability to substantially enhance the colors of each picture and add text to the photo.

Background Images

After capturing an aerial photograph in Marin or Sonoma, I use software that can help create beautiful background images for your site capturing the moment or showing the power of your company as you see on my site.

Viewing Satisfied Customers

While photographing golf courses in Marin County and Sonoma County, California, I can capture close-ups of happy players, and my equipment is able to take detailed pictures of the carts, the clubs and the resort’s facilities. We are also capable of enhancing the brightness and the contrast of each picture.

Photographing Properties

If a real estate agent is preparing to list a home, my business may capture crisp images of the house’s roof, the garage, the chimney and the residence’s siding. Moreover, we frequently take pictures that show the results of renovations that a construction contractor has completed. These pictures offer a unique view that captures peoples attention.

Integrating Pictures Into Webpages

When placing a photograph on a website, I will add targeted keywords to the description of the picture, and we can position the photo within one of the site’s articles. As a result, the photograph may rank highly in the search results due to adding certain SEO related content to the image description and titel.

The Effects of Pictures

Some analyses have indicated that the presence of colorful photographs can improve a webpage’s conversion rates. A study also showed that pictures sometimes increase the number of visitors who share a website on the social media networks. With Aerial Photos your fans will enjoy them and be happy to share them promoting your company.

A Free Price Estimate

To find out additional information about my aerial photography services in Sonoma, Marin, and Napa you should check out our Aerial Photography. Furthermore, you may call 415-895-9008, or you can fill out the contact form on our website.

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