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Google Adwords

Note: I use Google Adwords for my business and there is a likely chance you landed on my website from my expert knowledge of Google Adwords.

Each and every PPC campaign is different, because each and every business is different. And because the ‘proper setup and maintenance’ of your campaign should be tailored to your own business, it is difficult for me to provide any firm quotes without first knowing more about your business and your market sector. So if this is something that you feel could benefit your business feel free to contact me: (415) 895-9008

Google Adwords Success Stories and How it can Help Your Company

So what do you get for your investment?

Comprehensive Keyword Research

This means I will find out the most potentially productive keywords and phrases for your business. After all, there is no sense in spending your hard-earned dollars on a bunch of search terms which aren’t likely to end up bringing you more paying customers. In the long-run, this step alone is likely to end up saving you more money.

Keyword Optimization and Conversion Tracking

As your campaign matures I will keep track of your local campaigns performance. I will analyze the Adwords and Ads performance, as well as actively work to achieve the maximum exposure possible for your advertising Dollars. As visitors and conversion data accumulate, this practice allows me to tighten the campaign’s focus by concentrating on the most productive keywords and phrases.

Negative Keywords – This is Huge!

Before setting up your campaign I will do as much research as I can to find negative keywords that apply to your industry. Also, every week your campaign is running I will collect negative keywords to add to your Ad Groups. WHAT are Negative Keywords? These are keywords that people might search but are not keywords you want to pay for. Example: A painting contractor that paints houses would want to have the word “Auto” as a negative keyword. WHY? When someone searches for painting contractor or house painter, those are good keyword, but you don’t want to pay for a click if someone types in auto painter or oil painter. So adding “Auto” or “Oil” to your negative keywords list will make it so you don’t pay for keywords that won’t bring you business. This is just one example, but many rookie Adwords companies will not implement this technique.

Monthly Campaign Reports

Part of my marketing services keeping you posted. I offer this service to all my customers in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Windsor, Cotati, or Rohnert Park. I will send you regular updates on how your campaign is going, including how many of your visitors filled in an inquiry form or made an purchase/order. With me managing your PPC campaign you’ll always know how hard your advertising dollars are working.

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