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Google’s Biggest Penalty Yet

Build Websites Responsively

Web design for Mobile Friendly Sites

As the owner of a business in Marin County or Sonoma County, you already know how important it is to have a strong online presence. After all, people in the local area generally check online before heading to nearby stores or businesses. In fact, 81 percent of consumers check to see if there is a website for that particular company before making any purchases. Just a few years ago, the majority of these potential customers accessed the Internet via desktop computers and laptops. According to comScore, the balance has tipped; more people now access the Internet via mobile devices. On April 21, Google drove this point home by updating the algorithms to make mobile-friendliness a strong factor in the search engine ranking structure. What does it mean for your site? Well, if it’s not mobile-friendly, it will not rank as well as another site that maybe is mobile friendly.

Test Your Site to see if its Responsive

About Google’s Mobile Usability Update

Website owners around the world received a reality check on February 28, when the Google Webmaster Central Blog reported the upcoming algorithm update. Companies in Rohnert Park, Petaluma, Santa Rosa, Windsor, San Rafael and all across the world were given a head’s up: Make your sites mobile friendly, or face the consequences. Google had been stressing the importance of making sites mobile friendly for some time now. In fact, the search engine giant had added “mobile friendly” tags to sites in the search engine results pages for an even longer time. The April 21 update just made it official.

Stop Missing Out on Traffic

If you’ve done little or nothing to make your site optimized for mobile devices, you’ve probably already been missing out on all kinds of traffic. When people land on non-mobile-optimized sites on their smartphones and tablets, they’re typically greeted with slow load times, tiny, unreadable fonts and all kinds of other issues. Not surprisingly, this prompts them to bounce away for greener pastures. The writing has been on the wall for some time, and now that the update’s in effect, things are going to be especially rough for Marin County and Sonoma County businesses that fail to optimize their sites for mobile devices.

Responsive Web Design Comapny

Don’t Wait

Not sure if your site is mobile friendly or not? Google’s Mobile Friendly Test tool is a great place to start. If you have a Webmaster Tools account, use the Mobile Usability Report to gain insights about mobile usability issues affecting your site. It’s entirely possible that you can tweak it a little to bring it up to speed. Otherwise, updating it to be a responsive site is the best way to go. Most importantly, Google has stated in the past that responsive web design is the way to go. Don’t wait — the longer you do, the more your site’s ranking could suffer.

What About Other Search Engines?

In the past we have seen Google blazing the trail when it comes to search engine changes and updates. Most often other than some rare cases, the other major search engines, Bing, Yahoo etc. have followed close behind copying Google’s every move.

Get a Responsive Web Design Quote

If your site is not Mobile Friendly, Mobile Responsive or Smart Phone Ready and you are located in Marin, Sonoma or Napa County, I can help you get your site viewable on all tablets and mobile devices. Contact me or send me an email at to get a quote on a responsive website redesign.

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