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This service I offer helps you rank better in the local organic search engine results pages (SERPS). If you are interested in this service please feel free to contact me.


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Project Services

Small or Large Projects, I am local and can help. (415) 895-9008

I provide detailed time tracking notes upon request and these notes will also be displayed in all invoices issued to you. If you are interested in starting a project with me, please sign this page below. Once signed, we can start to discuss desired launch dates and the scope of your upcoming project.

Small to Large Business Web Design in Novato

If you operate a small to large business in Novato and need a web designer, choose a local one. I specialize in internet marketing for one main reason. Many web designers focus too much on design and not enough on search results. Most webs designers build beautiful websites that never show up in the search engines. I still struggle to see the point of this? The company with the not so pleasing website who paid more for search engine optimization (SEO) is going to take all the business. Lets be honest, when searching on Google, you don’t go to the 5th page and pick a company, you pick one on the first page or change your search. Here I do both, I build a great looking websites and optimize them for the major search engines. Also by choosing a local or nearby web design firm, they will be familiar with the geographical regions to market your company to the right areas and demographics. Not to mention you will enjoy much superior customer service from a local company. Almost every company or small business can benefit from a professionally designed websites that ranks good and shows results. I am a local web designer who offers affordable solutions for all your creativity and internet marketing needs, based in between Sonoma and Marin. Having a website for your business in Novato, will help your small business succeed professionally and increase your total revenue. If your small business doesn’t have a website, competitors will gain an advantage when people search the Internet for local businesses in Novato. Do it the right way the first time and let me help and guide you into developing a great internet presence that gives you a good return on your investment.

Web design firm in Novato and Sonoma County

Common Website Problems

However, owning a website isn’t everything. Some poorly designed websites do little more than frustrate potential customers. Such a website may give visitors the impression that a small business lacks professionalism or technical ability. There are a few different ways to avoid this online pitfall. One option is to pay for a professional website designer with a proven track record to build your site. Most studies say that 90% of new potential customers or even referrals have already seen your company’s website before they decide to contact you. This means that your website is on the front line and needs to convince potential customers that you are right for them, think of your website as your top sales person. Websites have become an investment that companies can’t afford to not invest in. Having a web presence is essential for not only new businesses, but they are a good compliment to already well established businesses as well. Through my years of experience I have helped businesses turn their web sites into useful tools to acquire, nurture, and keep customers, speed up the sales process, answer frequently asked questions, display your best work, show your happy client base, create digital forms to grab information in a user friendly way, and be the first impression showing that you are a reputable and well established company.

Web Design in Sonoma and Marin

There are several web designers and firms in the local area. Many of them create attractive websites and provide helpful customer service. Still, not every designer in the area can build sophisticated interactive websites as well as optimize them for the major search engines. Likewise, some web designers do not offer essential services like SEO, Internet marketing, and provide the proper web hosting configurations. Most commonly web designers will build you a site and when you ask for marketing services they send you somewhere else. Unfortunately internet marketing relies on a good foundation that the website is built on. It is very costly to have a website already built and then go to a marketing company. The website needs to be built with the intent to later utilize strong internet marketing techniques. So even if you don’t want to market now, you may want to invest in a website that is optimized for marketing to later use it as a sales tool.

The Best SEO and Internet Marketing Novato Offers

I am a full service Web Design & Internet Marketing Company offering website design, web development, User Interface(UI) best practices, strategy development, project discovery/research, internet based marketing, lead generation/nurturing, branding, email marketing, Google Apps for Business, SEO, content strategies, copywriting, and graphic design. I encourage you to check out my recent work or get in touch with me and we can start planning your web design or internet marketing project. Feel free to say hello +1 (415) 895-9008.

I can optimize new or established websites with the latest SEO techniques as well as prepare you for the future. I also provide the best internet marketing Novato has to offer, with pay-per-click advertisements targeting the local population to organic search engine rankings. I keep you up to date and ahead of the crowds when it comes to the new and innovative web design techniques. The SEO / Web Based Marketing community is vast and I have many friends, peers, and colleagues that we keep in close communication with. I do the research and keep up with the rapidly changing technologies and strategies so you don’t have to.

Internet Marketing Best Practices

It’s easy to waste marketing funds on advertisements that people will see in other states or countries. I provides cost-effective internet marketing services and SEO to businesses so you can attract customers in the local geographic area. Social Media is a huge part of Internet Marketing and I help set up accounts and show you how to use them. Along with social media, blogging is the number one way to rank organically in the major search engines. It is also the most cost affective way to get leads but takes a big commitment. I will help streamline this by hiring good quality copywriters that are knowledgeable in your industry. One feature that my clients love is, by using an API, I can integrate your blog with your social media so when you blog it will automatically post to your social media accounts, saving you time and making you look well established. I also offer copywriting so you can sit back and do what you do best (run your business) while I do the research. Most business owners don’t have time or even want to be Tweeting and Facebooking. I will take care of all of this for you.

Affordable Local Web Design

I deliver high-end webpage design for small to large businesses and non-profits in the surrounding areas. The websites I build have a professional appearance that reflects your passion for what you do best. There are many different types of local enterprises that can benefit from having a professional website. It’s still rather easy to dominate the local search results for small businesses. Many new clients seem to think they can’t compete with the bigger companies. They isn’t always true, I can help you dominate the search engine results pages for local searches and get you business in this new and growing market.

Feel free to say hello today +1 (415) 895-9008.

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