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Professional Real Estate Aerial Video Services

Real Estate Aerial Video Services Sonoma and Marin

The real estate market in Northern California is crowded with hungry agents looking to make a sale. With so many homes for sale, agents are looking for a new way to promote their listings and stand out from the competition. Beyond taking excellent pictures, optimizing online listings and writing great property descriptions, real estate aerial video services in Sonoma and Marin will help attract more clients by displaying your listing in a clear and beautiful format.

Full Package Pricing

Improved Listing Advertisement

Buyers in Novato, San Rafael, Tiburon, Mill Valley, and Sausalito will appreciate the ability to view clear videos of each property listing by showing additional features and overall size of the property around the home that might not show up in ordinary pictures.

Pictures are one-dimensional, meaning they can only capture one angle of a particular object. A video can capture multiple angles of every room, giving the viewer a better idea of what the look and feel of the property has and how he or she might organize their furniture in a particular space. Showing this detail inside the home using video is equally important in the exterior which is why I specialize in not only video pre and post production but bring aerial video techniques as well.

Improved SEO

Major cities in the Northern part of the Bay Area, including Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Cotati, Windsor, Healdsburg and Rohnert Park are extremely competitive when it comes to selling homes and attracting clients. Standing out online means that you have to improve your chances of being found by a potential buyer organically as well.

Improved SEO is a major benefit of using video to help promote your real estate listings. Videos are considered to be rich content by Google and other major search engines, and it will offer you more chances to post create backlinks to your website.

Clear, 4K Videos

4K is becoming a standard format for modern video shooting and editing for good reason. 4K refers to the number of pixels displayed horizontally, 4,000. Video that is shot in 4k produces a sharp and clear image, often times much sharper than a still photo.

When looking at real estate pictures online, potential buyers like to view clear videos of properties because they enjoy an enhanced experience, similar to that of actually being inside the home itself.

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