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Almost every business in the world has a websites today. To have a website or not to have one is no longer a question, the question is how good and effective a website is. Is it attractive, is it engaging and is it bringing you more local customers in the Sonoma or Napa Area? These are the aspects that companies think about. Standing at the brink of another technological revolution, courtesy the Internet, mobile websites are becoming increasingly significant for businesses, whether you are based in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rohnert Park or even Novato, you will need a responsive mobile friendly website.

Test Your Site to see if its Responsive

Google is now penalizing sites that are not mobile responsive: See for your self

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It does not call for any debate to understand why websites need to be mobile optimized? A few questions can offer you the reasons. Which is the most selling consumer electronic product in the market today? Is the world more frenzied about a laptop and desktop computer or a tablet, be it Apple, Samsung or some other brand? Do we line up for the latest iPhone? Do we check our emails on a laptop or our Blackberry Smartphone more frequently? How do we go about using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and all other social networking and video sharing websites? Do we care to read the newspapers or prefer to see their online versions or perhaps have bookmarked the Wall Street Journal to make it easy access to our mobile device? Chances are, you know the answers already.

You may be have one of the many websites that are not mobile responsive and I can help.

If the whole real world is using mobile internet to access the online virtual world then it is imperative that you have your websites mobile ready to make the strongest and the most effective impact. If you are running a business in Sonoma, being any business the website that you have now is perhaps not mobile ready. You need to have mobile websites so that your prospective clients, consumers and existing customer base can access your online content, promotions, discount offers and everything easily from their Smartphone or Tablet.

Just like websites a few years ago when the question was how unique can one get with their online profile and presence, it is time to determine how exclusive can the mobile websites get in Santa Rosa or Petaluma. Businesses are racing ahead with new marketing ideas and strategies and if you are one who wants to have that leverage over your competition, then you must get your websites to be mobile ready to reap the benefits.

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