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Responsive WordPress Web Design in Marin

Using Responsive Design along with Squarespace / WordPress To Promote Your Business

Businesses around San Rafael, Marin, Tiburon, Mill Valley, Corte Madera and Novato must take every step they can to differentiate themselves from other businesses. Using responsive or mobile friendly media, mixed with social media to promote your products is the quickest way to becoming more visible in the eyes of the public. A responsive Squarespace or WordPress website is a powerful way to make your business easy to interact with.

#1: What are Responsive Websites?

Squarespace and WordPress in Marin

Responsive media or websites help your customers read your information from any platform they like. Mobile browsers and desktop browsers use different protocols, and you will help every reader see your website as intended. The tabs on your site will respond to any browser or screen resolution (Tablet, Smart Phone, IOS, Android, Big or Small Laptops and Desktops). The pictures on your site will flex to the size of the screen they are seen on. Your website will change to meet the needs of your readers, and your readers are more likely to stay on your site long after they find you. Not to mention we can customize the mobile version of your site to show a click to call icon. Check it out on my site.

#2: Why Is Responsive Media Important?

Responsive media was created to reduce the frustration of your readers when they visit your WordPress or Squarespace site. Your site was designed to draw the attention of your readers, but your readers will not stay with you when the site is too hard to read or not even functioning properly on all devices. Responsive media helps keep customers on your site, and lengthy stays will help you convert more sales.

#3: Why Use Squarespace or WordPress?

Both are amazing platforms that offer unique options to acquire an affordable but amazing looking website. Squarespace is a platform that allows for easy e-Commerce solutions with impeccable search engine optimization functionality. WordPress works best for an intense marketing approach that is content heavy and blogging capabilities are built in.

#4: What Should You Expect?

An amazing and well thought out website that you can use to market to many different geographic locations with in Marin County. I am using these tactics I have just discussed and they have been proven to work for many of my clients. Feel free to contact me if you are interest in my services or simply have questions.

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