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Social Media Marketing

All sorts of businesses use social media marketing to promote their products, services and brands. Social media offers an affordable way to boost brand awareness and keep customers informed. This type of online marketing makes use of major interactive websites like YouTube, Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn.

I like to use YouTube and Vimeo to market my services: I have the top 4 out of 5 listings for the following search: “Aerial Video Sonoma”.

Social Media Marketing in Sonoma

Some business owners acknowledge that many people use social media, but they remain doubtful of its benefits. It may not work well for every company, especially those with very small target audiences. However, MediaPost reports that 88 percent of brand-oriented marketers achieve positive returns on their social media investments. More and more small businesses are using this promotional method.

Social media marketing provides a range of benefits, some easier to quantify than others. A website’s credibility increases when people see that it has many “likes” on Facebook or numerous Twitter followers. Credibility is very important in online marketing; people are less hesitant to make purchases on credible websites.

Websites like Facebook and YouTube enable businesses to interact with customers in new ways that are increasing every day, building friendly relationships. People may also find business partners and new employees on LinkedIn. They can accomplish this without upgrading the functionality of their company websites to include videos and good quality content. Some small local businesses here in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, and Cotati even use social networks rather than creating their own websites. Good for new companies and for market research.

Social network marketing in Sonoma can help modernize a company’s image, even if most people consider it old-fashioned. A business that manufactures dot matrix printers or cassette recorders could use Twitter and YouTube to make the case that its products remain relevant and useful. Social network icons and buttons help give websites a modern appearance.

For many small companies, time constraints present a serious obstacle to social media marketing. Merely learning how to use websites like Facebook and LinkedIn can take many hours. This is where comes in. I offer a service that optimizes and promotes social network pages. I can obtain hundreds of followers, fans and “likes” for an organization or company.

If you are interested in this service, please contact me for a price quote and more information. Using a variety of completely ethical techniques, I will boost the traffic to your social network pages and improve their rankings in the major search results. This produces more leads for your business and raises customer awareness of your brand.

For more information feel free to contact me or give me call today: (415) 895-9008.

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