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Amazing Local Web Design Services

Even among the residents of Tiburon, smartphones and other personal devices have already overtaken laptops and desktops as means of surfing the Internet, and their numbers just keep growing. Here is an article describing just this: Click Here As a result, the huge assortment of screen sizes / resolutions / proportions offer serious challenges for anyone wanting to establish a presence on the web. Luckily, there is a solution in the form of responsive web design. Just consider some the obstacles presented by standard website design when the screen size and ratio change significantly. I can help make your website future proof and it will adapt to any screen size enabling you to offer your service to anyone in Mill Valley or the Marin County Bay Area.

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Responsive Design to the Rescue

Amazing Tiburon Web Design Company

Google Penalizes Non-Mobile Friendly Websites (Responsive) – See for yourself!

Having a separate web design for each type of device can get very expensive very quickly, and is almost impossible to keep updated or consistent. The responsive strategy provides an efficient and affordable alternative. While there are a lot of details to consider with this method, it has three basic components.

  1. Flexible Images
  2. Flexible Grids
  3. CSS Media queries which most web designers don’t use.

Versatile Layouts = Your Website is Future Proof

As a professional web designer, I combine these techniques with a primary goal of making websites that are both intriguing and easy to interact with regardless of the particular device being employed. Images can be automatically re-sized or precisely trimmed to fit in with the overall page. The use of grids allows text and images to be reorganized to fit the venue while maintaining the desired aesthetic. Finally, CSS media queries, as the name implies, determine the device being used so the needed alterations will properly match the viewing screen. Cutting-edge communities like Tiburon are among the first to adopt newer extensions of the Internet like wearable devices and smart TVs, and my knowledge of responsive design can work as successfully here as with any other outlet. Your website should reflect your companies professionalism in your particular industry so let me help you achieve that.

Building the Right Website and Picking the Right Platform.

Like nearly all web designers, I rely on tools and services like WordPress and Squarespace to create the final code and also to keep your costs down. There is no need to recreate the wheel when we can jumpstart your project with a well established and widely used / tested framework. Determining which route to take depends on what the client desires. Basically, WordPress is software for building a website that allows maximum freedom of design since outside tools including additional HTML code can be included, but the trade-off is there’s a potential for higher costs and you will need a web designer to help maintain the website. With Squarespace, everything from providing the server to security updates to customer service is handled by a single company for a reasonable fee. It’s a fully integrated website platform, but there are fewer options for design creativity because designers are limited to only the tools Squarespace provides. My expertise can help you make the right choice and create a great website for your company or service.

I am local to Tiburon and happy to help, contact me today: (415) 895-9008 or

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