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Bryn Howlett is a Web Designer, Internet Marketer and Front-end Web Developer
Affordable web solutions for all your creative needs.
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Understanding Your Invoice

Below is a list of services that you might see on your invoice. This is a categorized list of most everything that is used throughout most any web based projects.

Main Services offered in Sonoma County, Napa County and Marin County.

This line item is for any communication such as Meetings, Emails and Phone Calls.

I will provide web based consulting for you or your team members to find out the best web based solution that will fit your companies goals and expectations.

This is for any customers that would like me to help with copy-writing.

I will create any graphic designs/web based graphics that are requested on your website or other web based platforms.

I will perform any development requests on your website or other web based platforms.

Final Revisions
This is just an estimate but there are usually about 2 hours of last minute revisions before launch. We give a 2 hour buffer and if revisions go over 4 total hours we will let you know.

This line item is for the creation of any Invoicing and Proposals. (Not Billed)

This is for any marketing services provided by me.

This line item is for any services that are outside of the ordinary requests.

Platform Setup
This includes any Third Party company accounts being setup. Ex: any social media accounts, e-commerce platforms, website platforms etc.

Project Management
I will help guide you though the web design process and help you gather all the material that you may need to have a great end result.

I will research for any solutions that are requested of me. Some solutions require research to make sure the solution is the best option for your request and for your business.

This line item is for any sales calls or sales meeting prior to your project starting. (Not Billed)

Support Requests
This is for any requests after the site is launched, communication, time and services are billed at my hourly rate.

I will provide in person training or video training tutorials for you to help teach you how to work with the various platforms that have been setup.

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