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Why Aerial Videography?

Unmanned aerial vehicles, quadcopters, drones, UAV’s, UAS’, or what I have been calling it for a while is an RC Quadcopter with a camera attached. My aerial video enables me to display the power of your company as well as capture scenic landscapes. Furthermore, I can market videos in all niches by using SEO strategies, email marketing and social media optimization.

Fairfield Chevrolet Tahoe Adventure

The Chop Shop – Rubicon Trail

Zephyr Real Estate Video

Interior / Exterior + Voice Over Video

Disneyland 60th Anniversary

Fairfield Subaru Tahoe Adventure

The Benefits of Aerial Video in Marin and Sonoma

Typically, a traditional helicopter is not able to fly within 500 feet of an object in Sonoma, Napa or Marin. In contrast, my quadcopter can get within 18 inches of an item. My state-of-the-art cameras feature stabilizers that may reduce or eliminate blurriness, and the equipment can capture clear and very steady footage.

The Impact of Videos

Numerous studies have shown that guests are more likely to share a webpage with a video than a page that does not contain a clip. Moreover, videos that have a duration of two minutes to seven minutes typically generate higher conversion rates than webpages with photographs or even worse, no media.

Analyzing Vital Details

When capturing a video in say Marin County, we can obtain clear footage of pebbles on the ground, ripples in a lake or the details of leaves. The videos may also show small writing that is on equipment. Further promoting your brand using a new and unique angle from above.

Modifying the Films

My company is able to alter the color, the hue and the brightness of a video. We can cut certain parts of the films and add these clips to other videos, and we may also integrate audio into films of all types. Furthermore, our business is able to place captions in a clip for advertising purposes.

Adding Videos to a Website and Encouraging Interaction

When designing a webpage that contains a video, I will create a short description that has vital keywords. I can also allow visitors to post comments underneath the video, and when a guest replies to a user’s commentary, the visitor will typically receive an email with a notification.

Detailed Analytics

Once a film has been placed on a page, I will be able to provide statistics that indicate the number of visitors that the video receives every day, and the software I use can calculate the amount of pageviews that a guest generates and the duration of each visit. If you position advertisements near the video, you will be able to determine the percentage of users who click ads, the geographical location of each visitor and whether or not a guest is using a mobile device.

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